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The Worst Summer Camp

With the summer heat climbing, and the the youths running amok around town, using their new freedom… I find myself frequently thinking back to the summer camps of my childhood. One in particular has a way of finagling to the center stage of my memory… One I would have been happy to forget if it hadn’t fueled… Continue reading The Worst Summer Camp

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Board Game: Tales of the Arabian Nights

Tales of the Arabian Nights is probably one of the most complicated games I’ve ever played… but I LOVE it. When you were a kid, did you ever read those “choose you own adventure” books? Tales of the Arabian Nights is a “choose your own adventure book”, in game form. Again, I’m terrible at explaining… Continue reading Board Game: Tales of the Arabian Nights

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Board Game: Forbidden Island

Need a board game that is fun, and doesn’t pit everyone against each other? Forbidden Island is perfect for that over competitive friend that always ruins your board games.  Instead of the players competing against each other to win, in Forbidden Island, the players have to work together to all win the game together.  Or… Continue reading Board Game: Forbidden Island