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King Richard’s Faire: Your Faire Essentials

Hello Lords and Ladies!


My life has gotten crazy busy… but I managed to sneak in a bit of fun!

About a month ago (so long already?!) I was sent free tickets to go enjoy a local renaissance faire in Carver, Massachusetts, King Richard’s Faire!


I’ve been before, (read about last years trip here), and was TOO excited to go again this year!  It’s just such a lovely place, and HEAVEN for the fantasy fanatic in me.

See all of my pictures from it in this other blog post.


Instead of talking about the faire in general, and about what I did while I was there (pretty much the same as last year) I decided I’d do more of a “What to Pack” type of thing.  Because King Richard’s Faire is an all day affair!  You must be ready for whatever the faire throws at you!


Also, I’m obsessed with being prepared.

Here’s my list of KRF essentials:


Comfortable Bag.

Huh?  You heard me.  You need something that will fit all you need, while also being comfortable to wear all day.  For me, purses/one shoulder bags end up making my back and shoulders hurt, and regular backpacks are just too bulky.  So I found a super cute and chic little backpack.  It fit all I needed, but was small enough that it didn’t make my back hurt.  WOO!



Because in Autumn at an outdoor faire, layers are your friend.  Most of the faire is in the shade, though there are parts in the sun.  And if you’re like me, you go for the WHOLE day (10:30-6), so will encounter a few different temperatures… If you wear a costume, GOOD ON YA! But don’t forget that cape!


Comfy shoes.

SO NEEDED!  You’ll be walking (or in my case excitedly bouncing) around the faire all day, and when you see shows, you may have to stand, so wear a shoe that won’t give you blisters or make you’re feet ache by lunchtime!

Also take into account that the faire is outside in the woods, so your shoes will get dusty.  Or muddy if it has been raining!  Wear a shoe that is either easy to clean, or shoes that you don’t mind getting a lil dirty!


Weather appropriate accessories

Raincoat, sunscreen, sunhat, shorts, mittens, sunglasses, flower crowns…… you name it!  Check the weather and be prepared!



As much as I LOVE KRF, they are EXPENSIVE!  The food is a bit overpriced in my opinion, but it’s still super tasty.  (and you can’t bring in your own food…)  Make sure you have money for food, drink, games, and all of the WONDERFUL vendors they have there.


Hand wipes

Because after that giant turkey leg that is so delicious… you’ll want something to clean up your hands and face.



To plan your day!  You get a map with a schedule of all the different shows and events going on.  You’ll want something to plan out your day so that you see all of the things you want to!


Portable Power Bank

Because you’ll be taking SO MANY pictures, your phone will probably die… or in my case you’ll lose spend a lot of time calling and texting the friends you lost when you wandered away from the group in a distracted, blissful daze….so bring a power bank to re-charge it!

Misc. Normal Day Trip Things

Ya know… band-aids, mints/gum, chap stick, hand sanitizer, hair ties… always be prepared!  You never know what will happen!


Most importantly….Your Tickets!

If you get your tickets ahead of time… don’t be a fool like me and ALMOST FORGET THEM!  I was literally getting into the car and my friend said “Do you have the tickets?” NOPE!  Phew… that was almost a disaster.


If you live in the New England area and LOVE fall activities/history/fantasy/a good time… GO TO KING RICHARD’S FAIRE!  It is honestly one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s like walking into a fairy tale!


The food is delicious, the games are so fun and unique (hello dagger throwing!), THERE’S MEAD, the buildings are beautiful and colorful, and the canopy of trees always above you is so gorgeous, it’s a dream.  I seriously love it there.


As I said last year, I will warm you that it is a money pit.  If I didn’t get free tickets, I probably wouldn’t have gone, even though I love it so much!  I just don’t have the money.


King Richard’s Faire is SO GOOD at giving everyone an opportunity at free tickets.  LOTS of local blogs do giveaways with free tickets, the faire itself has Free Ticket Fridays on Facebook (like their page!), and local business also give out free tickets.  There are SO MANY ways to get in for free, so if you do a little research, I’m sure you can find something!


This faire is fun for all ages, and an experience you will never forget.


Check out my photos from the day… go to this post!





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