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The End of Summer Does Not Mean the End of Happiness.

Wait… It’s the last day of August?  When did that happen?

Where did the summer go?


I know, I know, summer isn’t actually over yet… but it’s really starting to feel like it’s ending.

All of the stores have sweaters and long pants, gearing up for fall.

Sunset is noticeably earlier everyday, decreasing our minutes of sunshine already.


The night time temperatures are dipping to sweatshirt levels.

And school is starting.

All signs point to the end of summer, even if we might have a few more weeks of hot summer weather.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE autumn.  Like, a lot.  Autumn fashion is my absolute favorite, and I love the leaves and the crispness and the coziness.

But autumn means winter is close.  And winter means darkness…cold…and sickness.

I love snow and snow days and Christmas, but after that the oppressiveness of winter becomes a bit too much.


A lot of my anxiety comes from a fear of sickness, so winter is pretty much my hell.  Always has been, since like high school.  I feel like this time of the year gets worse for me each time it comes around.

This year, looking into the face of oncoming winter has me straight up terrified.

But I can’t let that control everything.  I need to live in the moment and drink up the last remaining rays of summer sunshine before it turns cold and grey.  I need to marvel at the colors of autumn, and the promises and possibilities a new school year holds (even if I’m not a student.)


Though autumn and winter seem like the death of all beautiful outside life, it also brings life.  Harvests, family gatherings, and a renewed sense of purpose in your work.


So help me defeat this demon, and let’s focus on the now.  Focus on the beauty in every season, in every day.

Live for today and make it count.

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7 thoughts on “The End of Summer Does Not Mean the End of Happiness.

  1. y’all need to move to Colorado! The sunshines and melts the snow away in days! 1,000% less oppressive than New England winters! From experience! 😉 xo im excited and sad at the same time too.. ❤

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