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Music Monday: Dance that Sweat Out


It’s no secret I love to dance.  In my opinion, there’s no point going to a bar or party if there’s no music to dance my face off to.

It’s also no secret that I HATE exercise.  But I mean… who doesn’t.

I’ve been dragging myself onto the stationary bike as often as I can… doing yoga…. going for a long walks…occasionally running… but all of it just feels like WORK.  Ya know?  Zero enjoyment.


I just found the answer to all of my exercise woes:  The Fitness Marshall.

He makes workout dance videos to popular songs and puts them on YouTube.  Nothing new.

But he is SO FUN!  He is so into all of it, not to mention a great dancer!

I’ve tried dancing with videos like these before, but they never grab me.  This guy though… I’m hooked.

I don’t know what it is about his choreography, but I love it.  It’s easy enough that you can follow the gist of it, but difficult enough that you want to do the dance over and over until it’s perfect.  Which is good when you’re trying to exercise!

Not to mention the 4 videos I’m posting of his are all for songs I have been recently OBSESSED with, pretty much only because I like to dance around my room to them.  And now he’s made my solo dance party time a little more interesting!


Thanks to my friend Erin for posting a video of his onto Facebook!  I’m so obsessed.

Try it out.  Just watch a video.  You’ll love it, I promise.

Has anyone else danced along with The Fitness Marshall?

FullSizeRender (16)


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