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10 Ways to Make your Day a Little Happier

Because we all need a little more happiness in our lives! Don’t rush your morning.   Don’t do it!  Don’t roll out of bed at the last minute!  Don’t wolf down coffee and/or breakfast!  Don’t throw on the first thing you see!  Take time to get dressed, to sip coffee, to eat breakfast.  It will… Continue reading 10 Ways to Make your Day a Little Happier

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Guyssssssssssss I hit 200 followers! Not a huge deal for most people, but still a milestone! I know that not all 200 actually read the blog… But for those that do, you’re the bomb, and props for keeping up with my ramble-y writing. Wooooooo! Here’s to 200 more! Heads up, I’m writing this post from… Continue reading 200!

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Anxiety Attacks: What happens?

More anxiety posts!  I know, they suck sometimes, but it’s real life y’all, and I’m on a real life craze right now. I thought I’d take a lil time to talk about anxiety attacks, and how they happen for me. I was toying with the idea of doing some type of “How to reduce anxiety”… Continue reading Anxiety Attacks: What happens?

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Spider Chronicles: Why is this still a thing

I swear to god, Houdini is still alive out there.  Can spiders even live this long? If you don’t know who the dastardly Houdini is, catch up with Spider Chronicles part 1, part 2, and part 3. Last week, while I was waiting for some hot water to boil for tea, I decided to take a few… Continue reading Spider Chronicles: Why is this still a thing

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The Worst Summer Camp

With the summer heat climbing, and the the youths running amok around town, using their new freedom… I find myself frequently thinking back to the summer camps of my childhood. One in particular has a way of finagling to the center stage of my memory… One I would have been happy to forget if it hadn’t fueled… Continue reading The Worst Summer Camp